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Bestiary.-Being-a-English-version-ofof-the-Bodleian-Library-MS-Brodly-764 Bestiary. Being a English version ofof the Bodleian Library, MS Brodly 764

English version of a 13th-century manuscript wich offers descriptions of any kind of beasts. The illustrationsare gorgeous and well reproduced.
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Dragons-Heroes-Myths-and-Magic Dragons, Heroes, Myths and Magic

The medieval Art of Storytelling
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Helden Helden

De grote avonturen uit de Griekse mythologie 
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Marvellous-to-Behold:-Miracles-in-Illuminated-Manuscripts Marvellous to Behold: Miracles in Illuminated Manuscripts

The text looks at the social context of the illustrations and looks at parallels and differences in belief and spirituality across the centuries and religions.
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Medieval-Love-Poetry Medieval Love Poetry

This delightful little book combine image of medieval love and romance with translated extracts from poems and love stories; John Cherry.
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Minibijbel-archeologie Minibijbel archeologie

Een bijzonder reis langs de grote vindplaatsen.
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Mythologie-in-30-seconden Mythologie in 30 seconden

De belangrijkste klassieke mythen, monsters, helden en goden uit de mythologie; Robert A. Segal.
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Pompeii.-The-Art-of-Loving Pompeii. The Art of Loving

Where the numerous and renowned erotic frescoes and graffiti really licentious or do they only appear so to our prudish eyes and Christian morality?
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