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A-Maritime-Archaeology-of-ships A Maritime Archaeology of ships

Innovation and social change in Medieval and early modern Europe. Key episodes of technical change in the ways that ships were conceived, designed, built, used and disposed of.
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Archaeology-and-the-Social-History-of-Ships Archaeology and the Social History of Ships

An up-to-date review of the field that includes dramatic new findings arising from improved undersea technologies.
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De-Romeinse-marine De Romeinse marine

Dit intrigerende boek is een levendige kennismaking met de Romeinse zeestrijdkrachten, vanaf de Republiek tot in de late Keizertijd.
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Early-Ships-and-Seafaring Early Ships and Seafaring

About boat building, ship stability, navigation, archaeological research, sealevels, water transport of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Europe, from the Stone Age to Medieval times.
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Einbaum-Lastensegler-Dampfschiff Einbaum, Lastensegler, Dampfschiff

Frühe Schifffahrt in Südwestdeutschland.
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Fribrodre-A.-A-late-11th-Century-Ship-handling-site-on-Falster Fribrodre A. A late 11th Century Ship-handling site on Falster

At the Fribrodre A site in Northern Falster, several hundred ships' timbers and numerous other artefacts were excavated between 1982 and 1993.
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Het-journaal-van-Joannes-Veltkamp Het journaal van Joannes Veltkamp

De scheepschirurgijn maakte tussen 1759-1769vier reizen in dienst van de admiraliteit van Amsterdam naar de Middellandse Zee en het Caraïbische gebied.
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Land-in-Sicht Land in Sicht

Entwicklung der Seefahrt an Nord- und Ostsee
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Managing-the-Marine-Cultural-Heritage:-Defining-Accessing-and-Managing-the-Resource Managing the Marine Cultural Heritage: Defining, Accessing and Managing the Resource

Managing the Marine Cultural Heritage: Defining, Accessing and Managing the Resource  Satchel, J., P. Palma  Paperback, 114p col illus (Council for British Archaeology 2007)  Rec...
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Nydam-Mose-3-4.-Die-Schiffe Nydam Mose 3-4. Die Schiffe

2 Vols. De Nydamboot[ is de oudst bewaard gebleven zeewaardige roeiboot van Scandinavië en dateert uit het begin van de 4e eeuw. (Eikenhout, 23x3,50m).
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Oceans-Odyssey-1 Oceans Odyssey 1

Deep-Sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean.
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Oceans-Odyssey-2 Oceans Odyssey 2

Underwater Heritage Management & Deep-Sea Shipwrecks in the English Channel & Atlantic Ocean.
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People-and-the-Sea:-A-Maritime-Archaeological-Researche-Agenda-for-England People and the Sea: A Maritime Archaeological Researche Agenda for England

People and the Sea considers all aspects of our maritime heritage; from the submerged landscapes , to the physical development of the modern coastline
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Peper-Plancius-en-Porselein Peper, Plancius en Porselein

De reis van het schip Swarte Leeuw naar Atjeh en Bantum in 1602.
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Ships-and-Shipwrecks-of-the-americas Ships and Shipwrecks of the americas

A History based on Underwater Archaeology. Twelve chapters tell the story of watercraft in the Americas
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Ships-from-the-depths Ships from the depths

Soreide provides an introduction to and survey of the history, development, and potential of this exciting branch of nautical archaeology.
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Sveti-Pavao-Shipwreck.-A-16th-Century-Venetian-Merchantman-from-Mljet-Croatia Sveti Pavao Shipwreck. A 16th Century Venetian Merchantman from Mljet, Croatia

With many personal possessions of the crew, a number of bronze artillery pieces and a cargo of luxury and richly decorated ceramic material from Iznik and other oriental workshops.
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The-Gresham-Ship-Project The Gresham Ship Project

A 16th-Century Merchantmaen Wrecked in the Princess Channel, Thames Estuary. Volume II: Contents and Context.
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The-Making-of-the-Middle-Sea The Making of the Middle Sea

A history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the Emergence of the Classical World
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The-Maritime-Archaeology-of-Alum-Bay.-Two-shipwrecks-on-the-north-west-coast-of-the-Isle-of-Wight-England The Maritime Archaeology of Alum Bay. Two shipwrecks on the north-west coast of the Isle of Wight, England.

One ship linked to the loss of the 38-gun frigate HMS Pomone (1811), the other from the same period but linked to local transport or coastal trade.
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